How We Manage Your Product

  • The employee of DYCO and Cooperation Factory are paid Social Insurance and Necessary Medical Insurance, Industrial Accident Insurance included.
  • Lunch Subsidy, Overtime Wage, reasonable leave system etc.
  • Cleaning and Health Working Environment; Unlimited Free Drinking Water
  • Require Necessary Security and Labor Protection in working site;
  • Over 95% Local Employee guarantee the stability of Company and Product;
  • Team Building and Holiday allowance etc. increasing the employee’s sense of belonging

  • Production Raw Material, Moulds and Tool, Machine and Facilities, Auxiliary Material, Packaging material are sourcing from qualified supplier
  • Supplier Cooperated by biding & comparing at least 3-4 options, including the Financial and Logistical supplier.
  • Processing Trade and Bonded Warehouse Storage Various Raw Material Operations
  • Multimodal Transportation and Financial Credit
  • Incoming Material Inspection
  • Reject No-Conformity Incoming Material
  • Inspector & Operator Accept and Storage Qualified Raw & Auxiliary Material
  • Indoor Cleaning and Drying Raw Material Storage
  • Receipt and Proof Management of the Raw Material and Auxiliary Material
  • All Raw & Auxiliary Material Kept with Identification make sure the correct Check In and Out

  • Specialized Engineer Operate Daily & Regular Inspection & Maintenance of Machines & Facilities, Moulds and Tools meanwhile recording;
  • All Moulds, Tools, Fixture etc. Kept with Clear Identification make sure the correct Check In and Out.
  • Localized Service and Technical Support for Both Machine and Moulds;
  • Daily & Regularly Cleaning and Maintenance of Facilities and Working Facilities;
  • Operation Instruction Listed on Site make sure the Operation Secure and machine & facility normal and stable operation.
  • Production Scheduled as per regular branded plan and customized order;
  • An order confirmation will be Processing Into the Production Schedule Stage;
  • DYCO Regularly Storage Raw Material Around 2 Month Consumption guarantee the Timely Delivery
  • Normal Production Time Around 3 Weeks Dating from the Pre-Paid
  • First Inspection

Make sure the first few Injection Product are Qualified Technically before the Batch Production after every mould changing or even slight adjustment both facilities and mould.
To Make sure None and Rejection of Scraped Batch Product.
Keep the Inspected Sample and Make Recordings

  • On-Sight Inspection

The Operators do the On-Sight inspection by inspecting the appearance, dimension etc. or Stop the operation once insufficient production condition.
Make Recordings.

  • On-Going Inspection

Inspector make round in the workshop do the inspection regularly and randomly;
Make Recordings.

  • All the Raw Material & Semi-Finished Product are Transferred with Processing Flow Card to Make Sure the Material Come and Go to the Right Processing Flow Before or After.
  • The Processing Flow Card recorded the Operator, Quantity, Inspector, Batch Number and Date etc. which will be the significant basis of Final Inspection and Traceability or more.
  • No-Conformity & Unqualified Product kept Separately On-Side or Final Inspection & Package.
  • All Product finally processed before the package will be inspected again Fully or Randomly.
  • The Inspector will Record the Batch & and Order Number on Inspection Report which will Archived Digitally for Traceability.
  • Only the Final Inspected & Approved Batch Products are Transferred to Packaged Processing Flow
  • Only Final Inspected Product (Batch & Sampling Inspection) will be Transferred to Package Flow;
  • Customized & Designed Package are Available
  • Package Material (Branded & Customized) will be Transferred to Package Flow after Incoming Inspection and
  • DYCO Use Quality Package Material from The Inner Poly Bags, Sticker, Outer Package and Master Carton are well Tested to Guarantee the Security of the Product during the Sea Freight
  • DYCO Provide both Poly-wood and Wooden Pallet Alternatively
  • All DYCO Products are Qualified & Recorded before the Package Processing Flow
  • A DYCO Marked Traceable Product Able to Date Back Through Every Processing Flow, Operator, Inspector and Raw Material Batch.
  • All DYCO Branded Product Marked Traceable information
  • Customize Traceable Solution

  • DYCO Branded Products are Covered by the Product Liability Insurance
  • The Designed Service Life of DYCO products are 50 years On The Basis of Using DYCO Recommend Tools & Pipes

  • ISO 9001 Audited
  • Water Mark Approved
  • Earthquake & Fire Drill, Typhoon & Flood, Power Cut Contingency Plans
  • Keep Multi Communication with FCIC and CCPIT pay attention to the Trade Remedy and Protection
  • Emergency Plan for Industrial Injury
  • Regular Operator & Stuff Training to Increase Awareness of Security and Quality;
  • Regular Analysis Seminar subject to Feedback from Customer or Market;
  • Organize Engineer and Technical Stuff Attend Exhibition & Fair, Industrial Conference etc.;
  • Communication with The Industrial Leading Company gain more Leaches & Guides