Quality in Mind, Ingenuity in Action

Is the philosophy which guides DYCO’s efforts to enhance and enrich customer’s satisfaction.

  • With over years of experience in the residential & commercial heating and plumbing supplying industries, DYCO is committed to offering customers the Best Products with Timely Deliveries at Competitive Prices.
  • DYCO’s quality products and comprehensive services underline its committed to providing its customers with dependable one-stop solutions.­
  • Based on the deeply investigating and comprehensive understanding of the market and consumption, Create More Value for our customer is our first priority.
  • By adopting and strictly adhering to high standards in every aspect including market research, product design participation, production control, quality supervision, logistics and transportation, we ensure that the customers are relieved of after-sale worries.

Quality in Mind, Ingenuity in Action

The Products of DYCO are: Environmental-friendly; Energy saving; Cost-effective; Safe; Healthy; Convenient.

  • DYCO has been providing quality plumbing and heating products for more than 10 years. Our focus is to provide high-performance building materials at competitive prices to help our customers have successful water piping projects.
  • Our engineers have years of the industry design and production experience to support our customers from design to final installation. DYCO’s senior engineer worked in a Top 5 Leading company and our general engineering team each have between 5 and 10 years of experience in injection and mold design.
  • With increasing competition in water system manufacturing, DYCO continuously works to streamline our overall processes through intelligent manufacturing, lean production, and optimization of material and overhead costs. But keeping costs low never comes at the expense of quality and that’s why DYCO PPSU Fittings stand out in the market.
  • The plumbing and heating industry changes rapidly and our staff continuously watches trends in the global market so we can respond quickly to customer needs. When our customers ask for new products, we answer.

Delivering Quality through Ingenuity

With an awareness of a factory workshop’s good practice systems including the Lean Production Management Methods and I make sure that our factory is run using these systems:

  • Not accepting, not manufacturing and not transferring unqualified products.
  • Use the correct manpower, machinery, materials, methods.
  • Create and maintain an organized, clean, safe, and efficient setting.
  • Maximising value-added performance and minimising wasted material and time.

Create More Value for Customer

Build up the connection in a Diamond Multi-Dimension, output service to customer’s sales, market, technical and management:

  • Our technical expertise gives us an advantage over other suppliers because we can draw on our experience to improve our manufacturing processes or put new products to market quickly.
  • We want our customers to have confidence that every item they buy from us has been sourced from the industry’s most reputable materials supplies and manufactured with an eye for excellence.
  • Customers know that DYCO products will always be of the highest quality even as we seek ways to control costs. We monitor the manufacturing process to make even the smallest corrections if it will give us a better product for our customers.
  • Our production control and engineering teams work closely together to design components that are easy to install, high-quality, and that makes plumbing and heating systems run more efficiently anywhere in the world.
  • We are happy to audit the related product factory of your existing suppliers, help you optimize the supply chain from a supplier side view.
  • On the basis of quality product, market campaign going first then the sales, DYCO able and happy to support partner build the marketing program no matter the localize promotion, digital marketing and exhibition.
  • Besides the supplying which is one of the 3 main factors consist of the basic supply chain, DYCO would like to help the customer find effectively new financial and logistics solution including more flexible credit terms and short but economic transportation to help the customer reducing overhead improve comprehensive competitiveness.

Thinking Ahead to be the Company the Industry Comes to

Do the right thing with the right people at right time, DYCO believed the new material of plumbing is going to be a boom in 2022

  • Environmental protection is one of the key prevailing trends. Accordingly, DYCO’s business strictly utilises new environmental-friendly fittings and it is making every effort to evolve into a pioneer brand in this respect.
  • With extensive market experience, DYCO can accurately identify market trends and thus captures potential customer needs more effectually.
  • Meanwhile, DYCO manufactures its products systematically in a project-based manner and hence, has the capability to achieve customer satisfaction through its customized product models.
  • DYCO are open for new categories and material, ‘Always learning, Sometimes Fittings’.

Styled with Simplicity, Concerned with Quality

DYCO is the advocate recognized as ‘Replace Brass of Polymer’ plumbing & heating sector

  • DYCO dedicate in providing the simple installation, secure performance, energy and cost saving component of plumbing and heating system and component.
  • PPSU Fittings are going very priority in our strategy, including the System Cold Expansion, Press and Slide, also the brass component for some particular demand also available in our production.
  • Considering the convenient resourcing, we are able to provide service in subject to PIPES including PE-X, MLCP, PE-RT as well as both manual and battery tools in globally competitive cost-price performance.

The Customer Comes First, Our Growth is Driven by Quality

Build up a partnership with the company who has the similar enterprise concept or philosophy with DYCO

  • It’s impossible to take the maximum of customers, DYCO would like to be the maintainer of the market order rather than put the market in a mess only for the short term of profit.
  • DYCO people have dedicated into the plumbing & heating sector over 10 years and hope to be the lifetime business, also we need to accumulate more reputation honour and make more contributions for life and society like our brand name illustrated.
  • We prefer to work more with wholesaler or distributor in channels because we have the very experience background manage the product, price, delivery in your business plus your customers’ major concerns.
  • DYCO have own understanding of the European market channel after years of ‘Intensive Farming’ in the European market, we would like to explore new possibilities and sparks.