DYCO PPSU Cold Expansion Fittings

DYCO PPSU Cold Expansion Fittings are made from Polyphenylsulfone (PPSU) plastic specifically for PE-Xa systems and are an alternative to expensive brass fittings. PPSU fittings are lighter and resist corrosion better than metal fittings so connections are less likely to leak over time.

The DYCO Cold Expansion System concept relies on the elastic memory of the PE-Xa pipe. A DYCO cold expansion ring is fitted over the pipe end; both the pipe and ring are expanded a number of times using a recommended expander tool, then pushed onto the spigot of the cold expansion fitting.

The pipe and ring shrink back to their original state in a matter of seconds, creating a water-tight seal between the pipe and fitting. The connection between the DYCO Cold Expansion fitting and PE-Xa pipe is watertight and permanent and customers never have to be concerned about water leaks and damage to their homes or buildings.

PPSU Cold Expansion Fittings Properties

DYCO PPSU Cold Expansion Fittings Features

PPSU Fittings contain no lead making them safe for drinking water or other projects with health and safety concerns.

Significantly cheaper than metal fittings, but are long lasting and rarely need replacement and lower price fluctuations can budget project accurately.

Thanks to the chemical and mechanical properties of the material, the fitting itself can withstand greater stress and impact than the pipe the fitting is connected.

Caustic or acidic water in the PE-Xa pipe can corrode metal fittings, but PPSU fittings never corrode even when direct buried under the soil.

PPSU Cold Expansion Fittings are 1/5 weight of brass fittings. Lighter fittings are easier to transport, install; and much securer in the suspended piping system.

PPSU Fittings don’t need to be welded or soldered in place. They install quicker than soldered fittings reducing labour and material costs.

DYCO PPSU Cold Expansion Fittings pass impact, flexural, and vacuum performance tests according to ISO 15875-3.

PPSU fittings can withstand hot water up to 160℃ as working temperature according to ISO 12293:2000 thermo-cycling testing.

DYCO PPSU Cold Expansion fittings connect pipes a permanent watertight joint in seconds with only an expansion tool.

DYCO PPSU Cold Expansion Fittings are installed without soldering, flames, or combustible gasses. Neither the fitting nor the pipe need grinding or sanding or other hazardous work & special skills.

The position pile will help plumber accurately installed the expanded ring & pipe, to make sure reach the shoulder of the fittings properly.

DYCO Cold Expansion fittings and the supports ring contain no o-rings. Instead, the watertight seal is made on the inside bore of the pipe, using the memory effect of the pipe and support ring.
DYCO PPSU Cold Expansion Fittings have a larger internal diameter than other fittings comparing a crimp or slide fitting in the exactly same installation

PE-Xa pipe is manufactured with a three-dimensional network of molecular chains making it more durable over a wide range of pressures and temperatures than other PE-Xa tubing.

Once the PE-Xa pipe compresses onto the DYCO PPSU Cold Expansion Fitting properly, the seal is permanent and no more extra sealing work is needed.

Brass and other metal fittings must be sanded to remove burrs or to fit properly within the rigid pipe. PPSU fittings and PEX pipe come ready to install and never need deburring & calibration.

There are 3 stop edges on DYCO Cold Expansion Ring help installers know where to position the ring over the PE-Xa pipe. The stop edge makes for accurate connections every time.

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