Project Description


DYCO PPSU Slide Fittings—PVDF Sleeve

DYCO PPSU Press Fittings are newly designed for multilayer pipe and polyethylene PE-X & PE-RT pipes connection, that able to be extensively used in potable water, sanitary and heating applications according to EN-ISO 21003, EN-ISO 22391, EN-ISO 15875. On account of the type and configuration of the material, in Systems DYCO PRESS FIT leading multi superior advantage over brass system in the same application, including 100% lead free, cost saving and Eco-friendly.

DYCO PPSU PRESS Fittings are high quality polyphenylsulphone (PPSU) fittings will install with 304 SS sleeves, outside diameter including 16mm, 20mm, 25mm, 32mm typically. Installer use a DYCO recommend battery or manual tools to press the fittings on to the piping with assistance of the positioning rings, extremely convenient for stockage and logistics.

  • DYCO PPSU Fittings For Portable Water Application
  • DYCO PPSU Fittings For Plumbing Water Application
  • DYCO PPSU Fittings For How Water Application
  • DYCO PPSU Fittings For Radiant or Floor Heating Application
  • DYCO PPSU Fittings For Ceiling Cooling Application
  • DYCO PPSU Fittings For Soler Thermal Application
  • DYCO PPSU Fittings For Fire Sprinkler Application

Technical Specification

  • Max. Operating Temp.:95°C 
  • Max. Short-Term Temp.:160 °C
  • Max. Operating Pressure:10 bar/6 bar
  • Operating medium: Hot/Cold Water
  • Material: PVDF
  • Designed Service Life: 50 Years

Product Properties

  • 100% Lead Free
  • 100% Resistance corrosion
  • 100% Potable water neutrality
  • Cost Saving
  • Lighter Weight
  • High Durability
  • High Thermostability
  • High Mechanical strength

Connection Instruction

  • MLCP & PE-X & PE-RT Available
  •  Less Hidden defects
  • Both Sleeve Side Operation Available
  • PVDF Sleeve Available to Brass Slide Fittings
  • Brass Sleeve only for Brass Fittings

Slide Feature

  • Pipe Versatility
  • Installation Errors Reduction
  • PVDF Sleeve Rings
  • Immediate Pressure Test
  • No deburring & calibration
  • One Step Cold Expansion
  •  No O-Rings
  • Simple Visual Check

Diameter/mmPCs/BagPCs/CTNPart NumberD /mmL /mm
  • Please confirm the dimension with the final product
  • PVDF Sleeves Are Separately Ordered