What Benefit you will Immediately get by Choosing PPSU Fittings

50% Cost Saving

PPSU fittings are significantly cheaper than brass or copper fittings over 50%, but are long lasting and rarely need replacement. PPSU is not subject to metal price fluctuations and users can budget project materials accurately.

100% Lead Free

DYCO PPSU Fittings are all heavy metal free making them safe for even the most complex drinking water systems. DYCO fittings pass all local hygienic performance tests for drinking water.

200% Speed Up Installation

No additional sealing PPSU fittings never need glue, PVC cement, or any chemicals or tapes to make the joint connection waterproof. No need for hot work permits or fire watch.

DYCO Committed to Providing Extra Value for You

  • DYCO are happy to extend the cooperation with the different business model including the wholesaler, distributor, DIY or Buying Office
  • Expect to receive a sample request by registering on https://www.ppsufittings.com/get-free-smaples/ 
  • Also available commercial or technical enquiry on https://www.ppsufittings.com/contact/
  • The free samples will include the PPSU Fittings, joint Rings & Sleeves, Pipes and tools are also available

Our engineers have years of injection industry design and production experience to support our customers from design to final installation. Dyco’s senior engineer worked in a Top 5 industrial company and our general engineering team each have between 5 and 10 years of experience in injection and mould design, they very well understand the facilities, mould and Polyphenylsulphone feature organize them perfectly work together. Our technical expertise gives us an advantage over other suppliers because we can draw on our experience to improve our manufacturing processes or put new products to market quickly.

The plumbing and heating industry changes rapidly and our staff continuously watches trends in the global market so we can respond quickly to customer needs. Besides, we are continuously investigating the European Piping market going, we believe we can help customer positioning the business and explore more opportunities with the help of big data and the globally industrial transfer.

DYCO committed to delivering the quality product on time at a competitive price, this not only objects to our own production items but as well provide you with the worldwide offer of Tools both battery and manual, also recommend our regular supplier or co-factory from pipes to many other accessories. Aiming to provide our customer with one terminal resourcing service all through the radiant & heating application pipes and component from metal to plastic.

DYCO’s people has been providing quality plumbing and heating products for more than 10 years, including the copper pipes & fittings, brass valves & fittings and residential & commercial radiant & floor heating component, and home improvement categories as well. We know the factory very well on the basis of understanding customers’ demand deeply and considerably, as a producer, even we can help your existing or potential supplier improve together, we are able to offer your suppliers’ management output and improve quality awareness etc etc, to improve the overall competitiveness of your supply chain from the most essential level. As well, we are able to help offer financial and localized inventory consult, to help you reduce the overhead cost and fast moving your product & cash flow.

DYCO PPSU Fittings Features

  • Easy & Quick Installation: Make a permanent watertight joint in seconds
  • Elastic Memory Material
  • Patent Cold Expansion Ring: Red, Blue and white
  • Positioned Edge: Every 120 degree a positioned edge on the ring guarantee every perfect joint
  • PE-RT Available: Use a patent DYCO Slide Sleeve perfectly jointed with PE-RT pipe

See Cold Expansion Product

  • Versatile Pipe Connection: Multilayer Composite Pipe & PE-X & PE-RT
  •  U & TH Jaw Profile:
  • Visual Check Windows: Make sure Pipes insert into the correct position directly and immediately
  • Press Jaw Positioning: Plastics Press Jaw Position ring will perfectly guarantee the Jaw position in every joint
  • Top Quality Component: 304 Stainless Steel Sleeve; High Quality EPDM O-ring

See Press Product

  • One Step Expansion: Only Step Expansion om pipes ready for sliding
  • PVDF Sleeve: High Performance Sleeve able to joint with both PPSU and Brass
  • Symmetric design: Both sides of the Sleeve able to be installed
  • Simple Visual Check
  • No Additional Sealing

See Slide Product